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Pubg is an online multiplayer battle game developed by a South Korean video game company Bluehole. The game revolves around the strategy to form a team of up to 100 players who are supposed to kill the opponent without getting killed themselves. They are provided with equipment and weapons to kill the enemy. The map used for traversing reduces in size with time thereby restricting the area to move. The last person to survive wins the game. Pubg mobile download is available both for the Android and IOS platforms. Pubg mobile is free of cost and one of the best selling games of this year.

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Pubg Free

Games are one of the most convenient ways to lighten your mood and refresh your mind. Some play just to take a break while some play out of addiction. Especially when it comes to boys, they are very much addicted to games. Due to this reason, people have started exploring the game sector and come up with many exciting games. One of the game is Pubg.

Pubg Mobile pc 

The game is available both for the mobile version as well as for the PC. The game was first released for the Microsoft Windows and after that, it was released for the Xbox and other platforms. The is a player vs player game wherein you can enter solo or with a small team of up to four people. At the end of the death match, the last person to remain alive wins the match.

Pubg mobile pc is one of the most exciting and heart throbbing games which has become very famous nowadays. People have become addicted to this game like never before. The game clings the players to the chair. You can download the game via the app store or the play store.

Pubg mobile update

Pubg mobile update is coming from time to time which is making the game even more exciting and lightweight. According to the recent updates, the game has come up with new surviving levels and long awaiting training maps.

To get a break for the long boring day starts playing Pubg today!

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