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In today’s world hacking, piracy, cyber crime has become very common. People use different IDs and mobile numbers to commit crimes. Saving a number of everyone who you know is not feasible. Truecaller is a software developed by True Software Scandinavia AB. The truecaller global phone directory helps people to find the contact details which comprise of name birthday and other essential information. The software provides you with the facility of blocking the number and social media integration so that your phone book remains update. This is a good software, especially for girls. The truecaller app download is available for Android, IOS, Windows phone, Blackberry etc. As per latest update truecaller reached 2 Billion user worldwide and 100 Million users in India.

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TrueCaller Global Phone Directory | Truecaller for pc free download

This blocking tool can be downloaded for phones as well as your PC. It is a good software to warn you against unwanted calls and beware of frauds spammers and telemarketers. The software can be downloaded using Android Emulator. The steps for truecaller for pc free download are as follows:

  • Download an emulator for example Koplayer.
  • Open the executable file and start the installation.
  • Extract the truecaller apk file and download it.
  • After the download is complete, right click on the file then open with Koplayer.
  • The software is ready to use.

TrueCaller Global Phone Directory| Truecaller unlist

Sometimes people register your number with a fake name on truecaller. For true caller unlist you can visit the official site of truecaller that is and enter the mobile number which you want to unlist from the truecaller global phone directory. You will have to deactivate your account before visiting the unlisting page. It takes up to 24 hours to unlist the number from the directory.

TrueCaller Global Phone Directory | True caller app download

The application can be easily downloaded from the play store. You just have to type truecaller. That’s it! The application requires a good internet connection all the time. The application is available for all countries Through truecaller global phone directory you can make your phone book intelligent and useful.

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