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At present, most people have Wi-Fi connections in their homes. With Wi-Fi you can connect any device. Whether it’s a computer, laptop, tablet or your mobile phone. Even if you do not have the internet speed, or your WiFi Stopped Working,what will you do? Most people have to face similar problems. Because of which the necessary work on their Internet is affected. If you are facing similar problems, then there is no need to worry. Today we are telling you five ways that you can improve your Wi-Fi speed.

WiFi Stopped Working Best Solution 

Its an one of the most common reason suddenly your WiFi stopped working . There are various reason’s due to your wifi stopped working now. Find the best solution for you WiFi which is mention below .

1. Reset the router

This is the easiest way to fix your router. If your Wi-Fi speed is low then reset its settings first. With this, if you do not want to reset the router settings separately, then you can reset the device completely. For this, long press the button given in the back of the router and it will reset all your router settings. But keep in mind that, you have to reconfigure the router again. In which you will need to set up ‘Network Name’ and ‘Passphrase’ again.

2. Check Cable

Often this happens when the router’s cable is dragged or loosened by mistake. Since Wi-Fi does not work. In such a situation, we should check whether all the cables of the router are properly connected or not.

3. Change router’s position

You can improve internet speed by changing the router’s position. For this, keep the router in a little higher place and try not to have any other object in front of it. Often the router’s performance decreases due to something else placed in front of the router.

4. Change the wireless channel

Even if your home has many wireless routers, sometimes your Wi-Fi does not work properly. This is also because your router and other wireless router are sending signals on the same wireless frequency. You can change the router settings for this.

5. Clean the PC

When we do surfing the net, sometimes our PC comes with a virus. Which does not allow you to download anything on your PC. In this way, we should continue to clean our PC from time to time.

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